Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Potential College Essay

Rare is a case where someone claims to become a better version of themselves in a moment.  For me, change occurred with the snip of a scissors.  In the summer going into my sophomore year of high school, I cut my extremely long and thick hair into a pixie cut.  It was a drastic change with no warning to any of my friends and family besides my mother and one of my friends.  Prior to cutting my hair, I would get frustrated because I wanted it to look unique but it was too heavy to do anything with it.  I felt insecure about my hair so I established myself as3 an extremely passive person who could never make up my mind.  My “friends” would walk all over me and exploit what I did for them without consideration for me as a person.  Cutting my hair short allowed me to be more assured in who I am, showing my friends and family that I strong individual.  I am able to be both unique and confident. 

When my hair was long, I would hide behind it, hiding also behind my more confident friends.  After I cut it, my peers and family respected me more since it was uncommon that someone my age would make the decision to cut their hair so short.  They saw that I had confidence in myself and was growing from a passive girl to a strong young lady.  My family saw that I was able to think for myself and trusted me to make the right choices.  Many of my friends were impressed that I was able to do something so drastic without asking for the opinions of others first.  Both my family and friends saw that I was finally finding myself.  I no longer hid behind my “friends”, but became my own distinctive person.

When my hair was long, no one took me seriously because I did not take myself seriously.  I would get good grades but I would not put in any extra effort to make my work stand out.  No one expected me to be anything special because I did not want to hold myself to any high standard.  In a way, it was as though my hair was nothing special and neither was I.  After I cut my hair, I saw that I could create a new and better version of myself.  I had my own sense of style and could create my own image.  I saw that standing out is not inherently bad.  My academic performance increased, I became more involved in my school community, and was not afraid to take on leadership roles.  My peers now see me as someone reliable since I try to be a leader as well as considerate of people who feel how I felt prior to cutting my hair.  In my life today, I continue to look for ways to help people find who they are.  Once I was timid and uncommitted, now I am focused and true to myself. 

                My life changed for the better in an instant.  I never believed that cutting my hair would affect the way the way I interact with those around me, nor that it would allow me to be given more responsibilities.  Since I know what it is like to be taken advantage of, I try to encourage others and be a true friend, rather than a friend of convenience.  When I cut my hair I saw that I had the confidence to shape my own life and to be a true and welcoming friend.  One haircut changed my entire outlook on life and friendship.  Now with short hair, I am a young woman who tries to be a positive influence by showing people the power of individuality.

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